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Digital Intercom

Digital and Analog Intercom


Maylis is a complete bus/star network connection intercommunication system which uses the latest digital techniques that are the result of CASTEL’s 40 years’ experience to respond to the most diverse requirements.
  • Complete intercommunication between stations using simplex, half-duplex and full duplex formats
  • Programmed touch or keypad calling
  • Call multi-functions: group calls, general calls, call privacy, priority management, call waiting, forwarding, automatic redial, busy over-ride, «do not disturb», «follow me», conferencing, transfers, etc.
  • Local or remote control (barriers, release, etc.)
  • Level adjustment (phone and ring tone)
  • Line monitoring
  • PC application diagrams and configuration
  • Centrals network connection
  • Selectable list name index with alphanumerical display and direct dialling
  • IP Maylis: remote site IP interfacing, SIP telephone network connection, VDIP Evolution range and XELLIP, CAP IP entry stations compatible
  • Optional: telephone forwarding, messaging service, sound diffusion (music, alarms, etc.), ambient noise detection, etc.