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Key Features

Digital and Analog Intercom

CASTEL’s bus-star authorised network connections, expertise and intercom strong points
Strength communication, flexible, easy to install, use and update, large range of peripherals (office stations, entry stations, industrial stations, water proof, easy to clean, disability regulations compliant stations, etc.).

Digital technology

System resources
Total intercommunication (more than 1,000 stations), 20 simultaneous communication networks, remote station supply.

Tailor made maintenance
A rack with standard cards, detection and line fault signalling, programming and installation monitoring on a computer.

Coupling, optical links, IP centrals interfacing with video multiplexer, people seeking, options for creating communication sub-networks with priority call management.

Intra-departmental communication security

System opening
With its multi-protocol IP/SIP management, Maylis can interface with SIP telephones, as well as with stations in the XELLIP, CAP IP and VDIP Evolution ranges.

Software and configuration
This is developed entirely around Microsoft’s latest technologies.
Works with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Seven.

Software functionality:
  • configured to various network units (central, card, station, etc.)
  • station configuration
  • station testing
  • impact of station and network connection configuration
  • history functions
  • station emulation
  • network connection backup
  • shared access network connection

IP/SIP interface
  • Audio compression for a band width of between 70 to 180 Kbits
  • Web browsers used: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • Roaming stainless steel box with Ethernet compatible LED connection, an audio network, a RS 485 connection to Maylis intercom units
  • Remote downloading for updating software
  • Secure IP links (HTTPS)
  • Wall mounted or on DIN track
  • IP interface runs on DHCP or fixed IP