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IP Intercom - Xellip

Medical Sector
In hospitals, retirement homes or laboratories, clear, reliable and fast communication systems as well as systems for personnel, patient and visitor security are of prime importance.
Our solutions, and particularly those for isolation and sterile areas specifically tailored to clean rooms, respond perfectly to these demands.
  • Security intercom systems in different rooms, corridors, lifts, car parks (fire alarms, emergency calls)
  • Visitor reception intercom systems, night reception (emergencies, dispensaries)
  • Counter intercom systems (admissions, etc.)
  • Access control management for personnel, car parks and restricted areas
  • Remote control door and barrier opening
  • Complete inter-department intercommunication systems (admissions, operating theatres, laboratories, emergency, etc.)
  • Listening intercom systems in specialized reception centres
  • Fast, easy to use communication systems (hands-free, programmable redial button, conference calling, etc.)
  • Advanced solutions that can easily be integrated into existing equipment (information and emergency terminals, etc.)
  • IP technology for voice and image transmission, access control and application diagram management in local or remote sites which can be centralised in multi-site complexes
  • Water proof and easy clean surface stations tailored for clean rooms (operating theatres, etc.)

Custodial Systems
CASTEL has extensive experience and numerous serious testimonials from the prison system, enabling the company to offer high performance solutions for secure prison management and personnel, prisoner and visitor flow.
  • Security intercom systems (intercommunication between different units control stations and central control room)
  • Centralised communication from remote control stations
  • Cell intercom systems (vandal proof stations, lighting control, luminous call marking, noise detection calls, caller identification, etc.)
  • Access and contact intercom systems (building, corridor, airlock access, etc.)
  • Visiting room intercom systems (with listening and recording options)
  • Counter intercom systems (packet/document window, etc.)
  • Application diagram of communication, access and alarm systems, video feedback
  • Audio, video and access control management (code, badge or biometric) via IP
  • Stations specifically adapted to the prison environment, benefiting from optimal acoustic quality and robustness
  • Bus or star network connection, or via IP
  • Solutions that meet standards of interoperability and which fit perfectly into centralised management solutions

Education Sector
Our large range of professional intercom systems, access control or intruder detection solutions enable establishments to be more secure (schools, university campuses, crèches, etc.) and offer a reassuring environment to children, pupils, teaching staff and visitors.
  • Reception intercom systems
  • Video integrated solutions (reassurance, aided assistance)
  • Access control management for pupils, teachers, personnel, car parks, classrooms, computer, boarding-school and campus areas, etc.
  • Application diagram and centralised management of alarm (fire, intrusion), access and communication systems
  • Advanced and easily integrated solutions in information or emergency call terminals
  • Increased boundary access security
  • Lateness management (interfaced with schedule management software)
  • IP technology for voice, video and access control management of remote buildings (multi-site complexes)
  • Listening intercom systems in crèches (noise detection)
  • Disability regulations compliant stations

Commercial Buildings
Whether for high rise buildings, public buildings, administrative or community offices, commercial centres or office buildings, CASTEL offers optimum solutions in reception, property and personal security, as well as fast, reliable communication.
  • Intercom systems for security, centralised fire alarms and emergency calls
  • Visitor reception intercom systems
  • Inter-departmental intercommunication
  • Access control management for personnel, car parks and restricted areas, etc. (different companies can use the system thanks to access profiles)
  • Application diagram for communication, alarm and intrusion detection systems
  • Time programming (lighting, door unlocking, intrusion, etc.)
  • Remote control door and barrier opening
  • Multiple function stations (internal, external, refuge call points, car park access bollards, counter intercom systems, etc.)
  • Voice, image and data IP management
  • Communication and access control for remote buildings (multi-site complexes)
  • Disability regulations compliant stations

Industrial Sites
CASTEL offers communication and security solutions of high acoustic quality and optimal robustness. Tailored to the needs of the industrial sector, the wide range of equipment offered by CASTEL enables the demands of the most difficult environments to be met (humidity, forecasting, rises in temperature, ambient noise, etc.).
  • Visitor reception intercom systems
  • Remote control door and barrier opening
  • Access control management for personnel, car parks, deliveries, etc.
  • Inter-departmental intercommunication (production, logistics, administration, etc.)
  • Information distribution (conference calls, general calls, etc.)
  • Security intercom systems (fire alarms, emergency calls)
  • Application diagram of communications, technical alarms, intrusion detection and restriction management (sending emails, SMS)
  • IP network connection for long range audio, video and data flow
  • High quality and efficient communications (ambient noise reduction, handsfree)
  • Stations tailored to difficult environments (vandal proof, internal, external, weatherproof, etc.)