Keep it simple: XE-P-1B 1 button IP PoE audio entry station

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The XE-P-1B stainless steel vandal resistant entry station comes standard as flush or surface mount. The entry station integrates complete and powerful Full IP capabilities. With native SIP, it offers the following principal functions (depending upon the version):
  • Establish an audio communication over IP
  • Register on SIP Server (possibility to configure up to two backup servers)
  • Manage 1 push button
  • Manage 1 input1 « all or nothing »
  • A single-pole dry contact to control a keeper or other organ
  • Report the resting state, the call and communication by a led. 3 speech synthesizers allow a signal call, communication or opening door
  • Manage the profiles according to the time
  • Manage its advanced automation interfaces (logical relations and schedules)
  • Perform autotests automatically or on demand
  • Update by TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
  • Integrate SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • Integrate VLANs
  • Secure the Ethernet network by using the 802.1X protocol (Radius)
  • Backup on power failure.
  • POE function (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Wi-Fi function (option)
  • Thanks to its embedded web server, it can be configured, monitored and operated from any browser