XE-Monitor: 7” PoE monitor

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New IP Intercom Monitor, with functions such as a 7” touch screen for easy navigationand clear high quality audio, this desk or wall mounted  unit provides a simple but highly functioning master intercom into the professional security market.
  • Set-up of Audio / Video over IP communication
  • Manages two input « all or nothing »
  • Manages two open collector outputs
  • Manages a 7” TFT touch screen
  • Register on SIP Server (up to three servers)
  • Disabled accessibility compliant: in the absence of accesses direct vision by personnel, intercom devices allow to view the visitor
  • Manages the profiles according to the time
  • Manages its advanced automation interfaces (logical relations and schedules)
  • Perform auto tests automatically or on demand
  • Update by TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
  • Integrate SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • It can be configured, monitored and operated from any browser with its embedded web server