Castel’s Xellip IP intercom installed at The Palace of Westminster estate

Case Studies

Updating the security in an iconic Grade 1 listed building will always be a challenge. However, by using the latest in IP technology, the upgrade became a simpler task for the company installing the new security system, with Castel’s Xellip IP intercom at the heart of the solution.

The Palace of Westminster estate is located in central London and includes both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. There are many other buildings included in the estate, which is spread throughout Westminster and encompasses the iconic Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower, home to Big Ben – all of which needed to be included in the upgraded security programme.

After much consideration, the installer selected Castel to provide the intercom solution for the new system. The brief was to provide an IP solution that was simple to deploy, maintain and programme. The Xellip IP audio and video intercom solution supplied by Castel is both robust and aesthetically pleasing. It is simple to use and can be applied in a variety of internal and external locations, such as bollard control, lift lobbies, disabled access and so on. One of the requirements was that all of the 10 intercoms needed to be capable of calling back to specific, dedicated reception areas and then be diverted, out of hours, to a secondary location.

Many of the intercom units needed customised housing to help them blend into the Gothic style of the main buildings, while still providing maximum efficiency. Castel was able to supply this customisation down to the finest details, even installing the Xellip IP intercom units into customised brass housing, without losing any acoustic quality.

According to a representative of the installer, “Working with Castel made our job very simple. They provided the pre-programmed solution and there was highly efficient turnaround from order to delivery. Many of the intercoms needed customised housing. Castel was able to provide solutions that suited every situation, even where additional card-readers needed to be included.”